Cameroon: Burning CAR, good pretext to destabilize Cameroon


By Bertin Metsengue

Early this morning *, the Central African authorities announced an attempt at destabilization in progress to overthrow the power of Bangui. Project led by François BOZIZE former president whose candidacy was invalidated by the country’s constitutional court in the presidential elections on December 27th.


Government spokesman Ange-Maxime Kazagui today accused François Bozizé of being behind the ongoing attempt at destabilization. This exit of the spokesperson for the Central African government comes as Minusca and the Central African security forces intervened on Friday to dissuade the armed militiamen identified by the UN force as belonging to the 3R, MPC and anti-Balaka groups.

The government deplores the death of three gendarmes during these operations. This attempt to destabilize a priori looks like a revenge on BOZIZE for having been excluded from the competition. But to observe carefully, what is taking shape again in the CAR aims to open another war front on the eastern border of its big neighbor Cameroon. The Cameroonian authorities have reinforced the level of security around the eastern border of the country. The military authorities are working to collect all possible information aimed at containing the threat.

Cameroon is the target and the CAR the pretext!

Cameroon is the target of a multi-faceted destabilization plan. In the Far North, the pretext was religious fundamentalism which led to terrorism. In NOSO, the pretext was secessionist inclinations and for the 3rd front the pretext is the Domino effect of the civil war in CAR. In Nigeria, a militia takes over the partition project of the country formerly called Biafra, however, these different fronts that are opening around Cameroon are cleverly orchestrated and planned to implode the entire Central Africa sub-region in particular and the Gulf of Guinea in general. . This implosion will cause the imperialist countries to once again subjugate these peoples who have been enslaved for almost a century. To get there, he blew the Cameroon lock.

Cameroon: Last chance for the African Renaissance!Le pays de Paul Biya is for Africans the last chance of the African Renaissance. Indeed, this country has known for 3 decades to emancipate itself and gradually cut the chains of Western servitude. He has therefore established partnerships with the whole world. To date, the country has on its soil all the nuclear powers in the world with whom it maintains mutually beneficial relations of cooperation. Only those countries which believed they were the owners of this country never considered accepting the emancipation of it. They have always believed that they could plunge Cameroon back into subjugation by placing a Puppet at its head without any dignity who would systematically renew all the iniquitous agreements that had been abolished. But the Cameroonian people decided otherwise.

The longevity of Paul Biya in power has brought to this country a real stability based on the modernity of the country and its military power. A few days before the end of the monetary agreements, the country will be the promoter of an African Monetary Zone with the 11 ECAC countries, Nigeria, the 6 ECOWAS countries not members of Uemoa and even some Maghreb countries. . This monetary zone, whose headquarters will be in Yaounde, could initially have more than 20 member states. This African monetary and economic zone will therefore be the beginning of the African Renaissance and its climax. Africans must therefore unite with Yaounde and denounce with the utmost energy all the countries which sow chaos in Africa. The way to salvation is near!


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