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The talented woman of Letters reveals the names of Cameroonians for whom she admires.

There are Cameroonian personalities for whom the famous Franco-Cameroonian woman of letters has great admiration. Responding to a question from a user on May 17, 2021 on Facebook, Calixthe Beyala published a non-exhaustive list of said personalities.

Ferdinand Oyono, Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Lapiro de Mbanga, X Maleya or Alice Nkom, have the merit of arousing the deep respect of Calixthe Beyala. Some for their fights, others for their undisputed talent. “Replying to a Cameroonian who asked me if I had ever admired a Cameroonian for a single day. Of course, I told her, “begins the author of” Mum has a lover “before revealing her inner thoughts.

“I really like the literature of Ferdinand Oyono, the best Cameroonian narrator from my point of view; I admired Manu Dibango who really made makossa known to the world; I really like Richard Bona as well as Lapiro de Banga. The latter more than anyone who had known how to give the right words to the urban music of poor neighborhoods; I really like the actor Gérard Essomba to whom I wink … Alice Nkom’s fight arouses my admiration; I really like X Maleya and his inventiveness; I love Dipanda’s voice too, ”Calixthe Beyala continues, noting that her list is hardly exhaustive. ” Who else ? There are so many that I cannot name everyone, ”she concluded.

Source: Le Bled Parle


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