Cameroon – CAR – Chad: An imminent Cemac summit in Yaoundé on the tensions between Deby and Touadéra


By Bertin Metsengue

Diplomatic tensions between N’Djamena and Bangui about the true or false involvement of Chadian soldiers in the attempt to destabilize the CAR in the midst of an election period, the passing of the baton, the thorny question of the end of the FCFA are as many subjects that urge the holding of a CEMAC summit in the coming days.

CEMAC has become the object of special attention by the media and world opinion at the end of the year. In short, we are witnessing a declared emancipation of certain countries formerly under the yoke of France. This emancipation results in the systematic non-renewal of all the agreements that have prevailed for more than 50 years which have wrung these countries out, rendering them incapable of developing. The most illustrative examples are the Cameroon of Paul Biya, and the CAR of Faustin-Archange Touadéra.

Cemac and Uemoa, brothers united in contradiction!

As in 2019, and on December 20, it was the current president of UEMOA in collaboration with his peers in this area, that Alassane Dramane Ouattara, president of Cote d’Ivoire had renewed the monetary agreements with France. In the case of Cameroon, Deby Idriss of Chad did not have this power in 2019, then current President of CEMAC, both Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea were no longer in agreement with the content of the FCFA agreements. A year of reprieve had been given to the CEMAC countries. But you should know that Cameroon alone weighed 60% of the economic potential of CEMAC. a few days before the summit of all the issues and all the expectations, are the 6 CEMAC countries unanimous?

The Rca diplomatic tensions – Chad not good!

Tensions between some CEMAC countries in particular, the CAR and Chad suggest that France still has control of several countries in this monetary zone. As a bonus on board, apart from Cameroon and the CAR, but also Equatorial Guinea, the other states, notably Chad, Congo Brazzaville and Gabon still remain under the control of France. Chad, is accused by a large Cameroonian opinion of being the rear base of several militias financed by France to destabilize the emancipated states of the sub-region. At the dawn of this summit which will dispossess Paul Biya of his functions as current president of CEMAC, it is therefore to be feared that there will not be a joint exit from the Franc zone. However, countries like Cameroon are clearly close even alone to making a solitary exit.

Cemac last hope for the African renaissance!

The 6 countries of the Central African sub-region that share the FCFA are a very great asset for the emergence of a truly strong regional monetary zone. They have experience in managing an African community currency into which other requesting countries can be added. It is therefore more than urgent that those heads of state who continue to be the masks of the imperialists stop this pettiness in order to give Africa a chance to reposition itself as a continent of opportunity and of the future. Paul Biya, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Dénis Sassou Nguesso, Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba, Faustin-Archange Touadéra and Idriss Deby Itno, you have a date with history this end of the year.


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