Cameroon: Cardinal Christian Tumi launches a vibrant appeal to the Secessionists and Ambazonians of Noso


Recently kidnapped by the Ambazonians, the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, on his way to the national episcopal conference in the North, gave an interview to Crtv Radio.

The highest Cameroonian prelate asks the Secessionists to come out of the bush. This is the substance of the interview Christian Cardinal Tumi gave to CRTV today. Those who thought they heard him say to Cameroonian President Paul Biya that “if it was me, I would resign” will speak of a 360-degree turnaround. Now, by his voice, the prelate declares: “I believe in the President of the Republic”. He asks the young separatists to get out of the bush because, “you can do nothing by staying there. Create a political party, “advised the Cameroonian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church of Cameroon.

Christian Tumi has often been presented as very hard on power. But, he says he believes in the promises of the great national dialogue. Regarding his kidnapping, he says he didn’t panic and was ready for anything, even the worst. Stoic at the height of his 90 years, Christian Wiyghan Tumi is the only Cameroonian cardinal in the history of this Church.

Urgent !

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