Cameroon – Covid-19: Assisting the Disabled, Support for the Vulnerable


An industrial company offered 500 cartons of products in the fight against Covid-19 on Friday.

By Cameroon Tribune

The Littoral Regional Delegation of Social Affairs has received a consignment of products from Nestle Cameroon to assist vulnerable families in the times of Covid-19. The gifts made up of 500 cartons of different food products will be distributed to over 2000 Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWD) in the Littoral Region. The products will help provide the nutritional needs of the PLWD so as to fortify them against the Covid 19. While handing over the gifts, the Director of Communication and Public Relation at Nestlè Cameroon Rostand Banzeu recalled that they have an important role to play in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. “We are out to help vulnerable families to cope with the situation as well as contributing to the health and brighter future of our population.

We are committed to support them during this difficult time” Rostand Banzeu added. While receiving the gifts, the regional delegate of Social Affairs, Madam Bissombi Hélène, thanked Nestlè Cameroon for giving the pride of place to the vulnerable people. She said it was a timely gesture as people with disabilities already have a burdened if they get infected with the Covid 19, the burdened will be too much to bear. She added that such humanitarian gesture is welcome as it was not the first time that Nestlè is coming to their aid.

Madam Bissombi Hélène was quick to add that the gifts will be sent to the different divisional delegations in the days ahead for onward distribution to PLWD in the different divisions of the littoral region. She assured all that the process will be transparent as they already have  statistics of disabled persons per division. It should be recalled that Nestle Cameroon has as objectives to provide nutritional products to people especially the vulnerable during difficult times. So far Nestle has offered 10 tons of food products to the ministry of Public Health and 10 more tons to hospitals within the country in a bid to fight against the Covid- 19 pandemic.


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