Cameroon – Covid-19 Fund: Abel Elimbi Lobé kicks in touch the accusations of Jean Michel Nintcheu


According to this former SDF activist of John Fru Ndi, we must congratulate the Chamber of Accounts which did its planned work, long before the funds intended for the fight against Covid-19 are mobilized.

On the set of the program Club d’Elite de Vision 4 this Sunday, Abel Elimbi Lobé thinks that we must avoid the political agitation shown by the deputy of the Social democratic front (SDF) Jean Michel Nintcheu who denounced the mismanagement of the Covid-19 Fund. The politician believes his former party comrade has not provided any evidence to accuse the government.

However, citing a 2001 text from the Chamber of Accounts, which issued a progress report on the management of Covid-19 Funds, he says that the said text provides for an independent audit for such situations. The set practically caught fire to the point where moderator Bruno Bidjang had to bring in the credits of the show. Abel Elimbi Lobé is systematically interrupted by Professor Jean Bahebeck, who believes that the former is standing as a defense lawyer for the Minister of Public Health Manaouda Malachie.

“I am telling the development of this mentality which wants that, on the pretext that we fight against the government because, there is no one who does it more than me, that we throw those responsible to popular retribution”, deplores Abel Elimbi Lobé, who speaks of political agitation. He does not deny the deviant nature of the management of Covid-19 funds.


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