Cameroon – Domestic gas: Tradex or the threat of shortage in the city of Douala :: Cameroun


Marketer Tradex wants to acquire 56,000 gas bottles to supply the city of Douala.

The company that distributes hydrocarbon products has just launched an international call for tenders relating to it, aimed at traders specializing in the manufacture of these products. The petroleum products distribution operator Tradex SA, is looking for one or more traders to ensure the supply of 56,000 12.5 kilogram bottles of commercial butane gas, with a view to supplying its Douala market.

It has just launched an international call for tenders relating thereto, and has limited it to “companies or groups of companies specializing in the manufacturing of commercial butane gas cylinders, and having proven experience in the field of domain ”, we read in this notice of call for tenders published in the daily“ Cameroon Tribune ”of this Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

The trader (s) who will be eligible under this call for tenders will have five months to complete this service. Tradex S.A. has not disclosed the amount reserved for this service, but specifies that it will be fully funded from its budget for fiscal year 2021.

It should be noted that Tradex developed and marketed in 2013, TradexGaz, its own brand of domestic gas, marketed in 3 packaging: a 2.75 kg bottle, topped with a burner, a 12.5 bottle kg and a 50 kg bottle. TradexGaz gas cylinders are a major innovation in the domestic gas market in Central Africa, in terms of reliability, ergonomics and safety, the company claims.


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