Cameroon – Football: The best Cameroonian player playing in France absent from the Lionesses


Her name is Esther Mayi. She is one of the best Cameroonian players in Europe at the moment, member of Stade Reims in the French first division ranked among the 10 best players in Africa in 2020 by Espn.

Central defender who can help out in 6 Or at the side post. Combative, sense of placement, follower of the good recovery and effective in his game. Mr. Alain Djeumfa the coach of the lionesses we draw your attention to select this girl for the last round of the playoffs of the Olympic Games against Chile in February, she has been too much a victim of injustices among the indomitable lionesses, she will be able to bring more to our defense which is a little feverish. See less.

Source: Caesar Emperor

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