Cameroon: Former footballer Joseph Antoine Bell sheds light on dual nationality issue:: Cameroun


“The problem with my nationality comes when I finish winning the Cups for Cameroon,” said the former keeper of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

For Joseph Antoine Bell to raise the question of his nationality today is unfair. Given that during his entire sports career which he led with the colors of Cameroon, no trial has been brought against him in this regard. Invited by our colleague Dynamic Fm who broadcasts in the city of Douala, the former goalkeeper of the generation 90 of the Indomitable Lions returned to this problem which arose when he applied for a position on the council of the region of Littoral.

“The problem with my nationality comes when I finish winning the Cups for Cameroon, taking Cameroon to the World Cup, representing it everywhere. Even today, I go to FIFA or CAF it is marked “Joseph Antoine Bell Cameroon”. That doesn’t bother you, ”he said.

The former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper finds Cameroon inconsistent. Because he cannot be admitted when he represented the country without having taken into account his nationality.

“No one can take advantage of his own turpitude. That is to say that Cameroon, which used me as a Cameroonian, is not at any time founded that I will be less Cameroonian at some point. To play for the national team, you are the Cameroonian ambassador. So it’s Cameroon that chooses you by saying: will represent me ”. This is a debate that is closed … You called me His Majesty, can a foreigner be a leader in Cameroon? To be a leader, my community must not simply appoint me. Cameroon must actually issue a decree to approve this designation. The homologation file means that you must show that you are Cameroonian. We must stop this childishness, this pettiness, ”he added.

Source: Cameroon News


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