Cameroon – Fotso Victor Succession: The captains of the 146 children’s teams for the great battle :: Cameroun


The 146 heirs including 25 wives and 121 children engaged in a legal battle. Three camps clash, including that of Yves Michel Fotso who obtained a mandate from 99 beneficiaries in order to ask the courts of Douala and Yaoundé to register legal mortgages on all the property of the deceased acquired by the former footballer Gérémi Sorel Njitap.

Yet according to the will, it is a quartet that is supposed to preside over the destinies of the empire built by the Cameroonian industrialist who died at the age of 93 on March 19 at the American hospital in Paris. The last wishes of industrialist Victor Fotso were then unveiled before a notary on June 22. The patriarch, who left 121 children, opted for collegial administration, appointing four representatives.

According to the will, Laure Njitap Toukam Fotso, 46, is the main administrator of the property. Vice-president of a family group of around 20 companies in ten countries across the continent, the wife of ex-international footballer Geremi Sorel Njitap Fotso had been considered her father’s “cane” for a decade. The latter has moreover charged him with organizing his funeral.

She is supposed to be assisted by three of her brothers. An accountant by training, Marcel Florian Kamga Fotso, 29, has worked for seven years at the African Notebook Manufacturing Company (Safca), one of the group’s local subsidiaries. Jonathan Kuate Fotso, 24, student in Yaoundé, and Pascal Damien Gappe Fotso complete the picture. These last wishes are visibly to the taste of 2/3 of his heirs who intend to let the justice know.


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