Cameroon: How Augustin Tamba Mayor of Yaoundé VII humiliates the Mayor of the city Luc Messi Atangana


In an interview published by our colleagues from Le Messager, the target of the commune of Yaoundé 7, denounces the maneuvers of Luc Messi Atngana, the city mayor who, according to him, believes he has a monopoly on urban sanitation.

Augustin Tamba is very bitter towards the city mayor Luc Messi Atangana. In an interview published by our colleagues from Le Messager, the target of the commune of Yaoundé 7, denounces the maneuvers of the latter. “First of all, there is no such thing as a ‘super mayor’ because that expression does not exist anywhere in the law. Decentralized Territorial Collectivities are of equal dignity. No municipality can establish and / or exercise supervision over another.

Now, the strategic management of territories is now taught in all major management schools (Hce Paris, Iap Montreal, Insmp Yaoundé, etc.). And we do not learn that the strategic management of large cities must be concerted, participatory and inclusive. This is why we suggest the establishment of a consultation platform between the mayors of Yaoundé, for successful planning and harmonious development of our capital city. Together, we are going to design, clean and develop Yaoundé, ”he thinks.

On the subject of breakages, he believes that “I must say that no one has a monopoly on worrying about urban order. In Yaoundé 7, the situation worries the municipal executive, as in all the other districts of the capital of Cameroon. All the mayors are concerned with solving this problem of urban disorder, but by providing the populations with an alternative solution of resettlement. Socially and politically, that solves a lot of problems.

The eight mayors of Yaoundé have this concern in common, but one of the mayors, the mayor of the city does not visibly integrate the socio-political dimension which for a city like Yaoundé is very sensitive, because he says he does not politics. I no longer wish to speak on this subject because I have approached the authorities of the Republic, and the leadership of our party so that an end is put to this institutional disorder, “he concludes.

It should be noted that the facts date back precisely to April 22, 2021. After a futile attempt to demolish the construction site of a service station at a place called “Water Factory”, the machinery of the city hall of Yaoundé made irruption at the “Carrefour Nkolbisson” to reduce to nothing, 60 shops built by the one who is also the mayor of the municipality of the 7th arrondissement. While many see in this punch-down operation by Luc Messi Atangana a desire to improve, others believe that this act is more the mark of a settling of scores.

Where the shoe pinch is that legally and legally, no notification has been made, nor to the commune of Yaoundé 7, let alone the owners of the gas station under construction. The mayor of the city, acting as “patron of the mayors of Yaoundé” in the name of an alleged open war against urban disorder, felt obliged to demolish the property of economic operators, opening the breach to possible clashes that could have resulted in an uprising.

Luc Messi Atangana – Mayor of Yaoundé


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