Cameroon: Jean Pierre Bekolo Obama examines the therapeutic role of Cameroonian cinema


The director of the hit film “Quartier Mozart” wonders in an open forum if “can cinema heal”?

“Can cinema heal us? This is the question I would like to try and answer throughout 2021. Making cinema that heals. Indeed the cinema should also be able to cure us of our diseases. The cinema must leave the screens and no longer be satisfied with telling us the real or the fiction. It should become a project capable of giving birth through fiction or even science fiction, to a “vaccinated” humanity and that this new reality is no longer unlikely.

The many springs and tools of cinema are able to enable us to achieve this goal, at least I think so. The cinema will henceforth be this laboratory of “Naked Reality”, of the meta-film, of the extra-film where we transgress the limits where we seek new avenues where we manipulate structures, this place where we will now go to heal before all. ”

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