Cameroon: Marcel Amoko from France 24 makes a serious criticism of Charles Ndongo’s Crtv


“When you watch Crtv, do you have the feeling that Crtv speaks to Cameroonians? “Asks Marcel Amoko, also boss of Kalak Fm, which broadcasts in frequency modulation (Fm) in Yaoundé.

CEO of Kalak FM and Central Africa manager of Hémisphère Média (which produces content for France 24, TV5, TF1, etc.). He intervened as a panelist during the Media Awards season 4, April 24, 2021. In Cameroon, the Crtv, the media of the Cameroonian taxpayer is at the center of the concerns of Cameroonians. Many believe that the media does not play the role of public service.

It was in this vein that during season 4 of the media ceremony on April 24, 2021, Marcel Amoko, the boss of Kalak FM, openly criticized the operation of Paul Biya’s tom-tom media. For this journalist, the Crtv does not reflect the experience of Cameroonians. The wholesale media has failed in its public service mission.

Charles Ndongo

“When you watch the Crtv do you have the feeling that this Crtv speaks to the Cameroonians that we are? If only by taking into account our realities. Do you have the feeling that this Crtv is doing us a public service? »He emphasizes. He is also very sorry, especially when we see the trajectory that this media has taken, headed by a journalist like Charles Ndongo.

“What is surprising is the respect we had for some of these elders in CRTV like Charles Ndongo. But then when we look coldly in terms of journalistic reference and we see that it is this journalism pope (Charles Ndongo) who is at the head of this CRTV, and we look at what it is become, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is happening, ”he said.

Source: Cameroon News


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