Cameroon: Mayor Cpdm of Mfou beats an activist of Cabral Libii of Pcrn!


The mayor Rdpc of Mfou beats the departmental Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn) of Mefou and Afamba, Francis Bedima. Party of which Cabral Libii is the national president. This is the version of the “victim”. The latter said he had lodged a complaint: “I have just been brutalized by the mayor of Mfou and his bitch in the presence of the prefect of Mefou and Afamba because the latter is intimidating me. order to remove the scarf from the PCRN.

I’m in bed, they beat me up to the point that I have excruciating back pain. The moment I refused to take off my sling, they pulled my chair up and I found myself on the ground before he started to kick me, tear my shirt, tie me and strangle me. And it was manu militari that they expelled me from the deeds room of the town hall of Mfou. Arguing that if I do not remove my scarf from the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN), that I am expelled from the room.

It should be remembered that the department of Mefou and Afamba is paralyzed by the result of the latest electoral consultations. Starting from 00 municipal councilor, we were able to obtain 17 votes from the Rdpc. Something that the elite Rdpc of the department cannot digest to this day. I would also like to point out that it is to me that the mandate of representation and investiture was delivered by the National President of the PNR. And so, the various trials at the Administrative Court and the Supreme Court were Bidima against Rdpc / Elecam

Since they had narrowly escaped it, they decided to do battle with me. In addition, I must inform you that this morning, I was the subject of a veiled threat by interposed message. The President of the ojrdpc section of Soa sent a message in my Mefou and Afamba Actu forum, saying that: if I set foot in Mfou. They were going to do battle with it. The name that stands out is that of Mbarga Bekono, current regional adviser on behalf of Mfou.

By the way it is I who am called “John without fear” “. A complaint was lodged at the Mfou police station. We trust the justice of our country. My comment: Fear has changed sides, I had already pointed out that given the rise in power of the PCRN throughout the national territory, adversity will become more severe and aggressive even at the limit, here is what you give me reason. Dear Comrades, this is proof, if it was still necessary, that we are close to our “Etoudi 2025″ objective. ”

By Clotaire Ngue


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