Cameroon – Music: A cry of alarm for Petit Pays Adolphe Claude Moundi


His name is Adolphe Claude Alexandre Moundi alias Petit Pays. He was only 20 years old when he released his first album in 1987. The enfant terrible of Makossa has been suffering since 2018. Rabba Rabbi was violently hit by a motorcycle yesterday September 27, 2018 in the evening at a place called crossroads Makèpé in the district of Douala V. It was said then between life and death at the general hospital of Douala. Appraisal: double fracture in the foot, another fracture in the wrist, broken teeth and pain in the head following the violence of the shock.

Last August, the singer and founder of the famous group Les Sans Visas paid tribute to Manu Dibango and Pape Diouf, two great African figures who died as a result of Covid-19. The same month, he sent a Letter to young artists: “Don’t try to become a star right away,” he advised them. A month ago, he paid homage to Diego Maradona by declaring: “We will meet at Jehovah’s waiting room.” In the meantime he released a Single in tribute to Manu Dibango. Obviously very active. Then, Pan! A certain Fabrice Tientcheu pulls out of his hat a difficult situation for one of the greatest Cameroonian artists. For him, “we must save Petit Pays”.

Here is the Post found on his Facebook wall: “Indifference and hypocrisy are the poisons of living together!” Here is our Petit Pays icon which is slowly starting up before our eyes. What are we waiting for to react? We wait for the great master to leave to come and lay pretty texts and resuscitate old memories imbued with a feigned affection to pay him homage? Tartuffe

The Rabba Rabbi claims more than a million fans across Cameroon. Please don’t let him go dear elders. Let’s restore our monument, revitalize our legend. It is part of our heritage. Here is my simple equation. Each of us buys a virtual disk of him for 500 FCFA (through a mobile money number that his teams will reserve the right to communicate to us).

500Fcfa * 1,000,000 = 500,000,000 FCFA so that he can go for treatment in one of the largest hospitals in the world. Saying Assiaaaa or courage does not help her situation. Send him my proposal. Thank you ! #SavePetitpays ”. Only Rabba Rabbi and his relatives know the artist’s state of health, which is a matter of private life. The cry of alarm from the person concerned himself would lend more credibility to this approach.

Adolphe Claude Moundi, alias Petit-Pays, born June 5, 1967 in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, is a singer, songwriter very popular in Cameroon. Nicknamed Le Turbo d’Afrique, The Advocate Defender of Women, Rabba Rabbi, Effatta or King of Makossa Love, Petit-Pays sings in Douala, in French, and in pidgin on makossa and zouk (called Makossa Love).

His artist name comes from Petit which was his nickname when he was a child and Pays which is the literal translation of his last name Moundi. Petit-Pays is the author of more than 38 albums, the most recent of which was Wala Longo’o released in January 2019.


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