Cameroon – Music: Fally Ipupa Dicap La Merveille condemned for using the song “Lokuta Munene”


This Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at the Kinshasa / Gombe Court of Appeal. Fally Ipupa was convicted of using the song “Lokuta Munene” without permission, artist Fally Ipupa appealed against the decision.

Fally Ipupa was ordered to pay 50,000 USD to Mr. Denis Sadiki Mukandilwa for using the song “Lokuta Munene” in the album “Power” without his permission. During the appeal trial, El Mara requested that the execution of this judgment be suspended. But his opponent argued that the trial judge interpreted the law correctly and that the artist’s claim should be dismissed.

The Court of Appeal took the matter under advisement. It will rule on May 20, 2021. In the meantime, Fally Ipupa has initiated another action at the Kinshasa / Gombe commercial court. As a reminder, the hit “Lokuta Munene” was sung during the Second Republic, in order to venerate the late President Joseph Mobutu.

Source: AFKS


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