Cameroon – Obituary: ‘Ewane’ Philémon Black Ondoa is dead


His name was Philemon Black Ondoa. National television CRTV (Cameroon Radio Television) revealed him as ‘Ewane, one of his best roles in the theater. Then, on May 8, 2021, several years after he disappeared from media and cultural radars, the bad news fell: “Ewane is dead,” announces Diop, one of the references for cultural chronicles in Cameroon. Max Elanga Mballla Ye Etenga alias Diop “the most Senegalese of Cameroonians”, who officiates at FM94, the urban channel of CRTV writes this evening;

“The world of Arts and Culture, of Theater specifically, has just been struck by death. After the talented actor Grégoire BELIBI, “GREGO” on April 17, 2021 and whose funeral will take place on May 21 & 22, well-informed and introduced sources tell us the disappearance of another emblematic figure of Cameroonian Theater. Philemon Black Ondoa alias Ewane passed away today, Saturday May 8, 2021, “arms in hand” that is to say in the middle of filming around noon. Our sincere condolences to all the artistic and biological families of this icon of African comedy. ‘

Another big loss because, on March 22, it was comedian Sylvain Wakeu Fogaing, who also left the stage for good. Comedians of the same generation, who have left their mark on several decades in Cameroon.


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