Cameroon – Obituary: Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi pays tribute to the illustrious disappeared Cameroonians :: Cameroun


Faithful to the constructive and positive approaches which characterize him, Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi has just shared in the form of original souvenir paintings, tributes with Internet users on certain great figures recently disappeared from our country.

Cardinal Christian TUMI, a very committed prelate; Professor Gervais Mendo Zé, the scholar; Professor and Patriarch Tjade Eone: a benchmark journalism teacher; Germaine AHIDJO, the discreet mother and the wife faithful to her convictions until the grave and Princess Rabiatou Njoya: woman of revolutionary culture in a conservative socio-cultural environment. A specific anecdote and story accompany each of these paintings

And to crown it all, the academic and head of the international policy department at the Institute of International Relations (IRIC) makes suggestions to perpetuate the legacy bequeathed by each of these personalities. He ends his series of testimonies with an invitation and a personal challenge to live in such a way as to leave positive traces in the human adventure.

Professor Jean-Emmanuel Pondi is the first African to have published a book on Barack Obama. But “Professor Jean-Emmanuel Pondi is above all a professor emeritus, one of the most brilliant intellectuals on the African continent”, writes according to an Ivorian website,


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