Cameroon: Paul Biya carries 5 university women to the firmament


The President of the Republic of Cameroon has just raised 5 women professors, 4 of whom are in senior positions in state universities and one in a large state enterprise.

It was during a technical meeting chaired in the hall of acts of the rectorate by Professor Maurice Aurélien Sosso. Ms. Annie Wakata is a lecturer in physics in Yaoundé I. Besides her idyll of alcove with the dashing minister François Bolvine Wakata, lecturer in communication sciences at Esstic (Yaoundé 2), flagship of the region of l ‘Est, she was especially National Vice – Major at Bacc C and Major of the center with 16/20 in this beautiful exam which sorts the brightest and the best like her.

The National Major in the C series has traditionally been from the West. The classic lycée of Bafoussam offers almost every year, 40 good and very good honors at Bacc C. The bilingual lycée of Dschang and other molds for the gifted tu the colleges Vogt, Jean Tabi, La Salle, Retraite, Mazenod, Terenstra, Saint -Benoît, Leclerc, Joss, Bilingual high schools in Yaoundé.

48 years old (born May 5, 1972), Ph.D doctor in physical sciences like German Chancellor Angela Merkel (laureate in 1986 in Bavaria, 15 years in office with 4 terms), this quadra, good complexion, was subdirector at Minesup. She happens to be the best of her generation. She will be a full professor in two years, she told me, under social distancing recently, coronavirus requires.

Fine flower of the Bafia clans by the father and Beti by the mother, all from the Center, a certified Christian, she is a model of managerial rigor and of aesthetic and ethical probity. This physicist. By putting his foot in the stirrup, the Head of State and Minesup trust the female talent and the successful management of the Cameroonian woman haloed these days with another woman of science, Ms. Justine Diffo Tchunkam, lecturer in private law at the University of Yaoundé II, appointed last week as PCA of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency in Yaoundé. The state’s policeman in the critical telecommunications sector.

Three other female academics received the anointing of the head of state in the wake of these texts:

1- Christine Rosalie Bandolo (61), wife of professor emeritus of linguistics Louis Martin Onguene Essono, professor of letters, promoted to Secretary General in Yaoundé I.

2- Patricia Bissa Enama marries Manga Foe (54), professor of letters, appointed Secretary General in Yaoundé 2.

3- Nadine Machikou married Nzeussop (41), associate professor of political science, the first in Africa in this eclectic scientific discipline was elevated to the post of Technical Advisor at the University of Yaoundé II.

These “learned women” are called upon to confirm the hopes placed in them by the Head of State who has always placed an emphasis on the mother of humanity, his decisive contribution in the conduct of Cameroon towards the success of the digital university and the appropriation of the knowledge economy which requires dematerialization of technical and administrative work for more efficiency and speed.

By Jean-Paul Mbia, Cellcom Minesup


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