Cameroon – Political transition: Has Charlotte Dipanda born in 1985 reviewed her position on Paul Biya? Cameroun


When it released on May 14 to promote the album dubbed “Cd”, the artist spoke about the political situation in his country. “I was born in this country with the same functioning, I aspire to better. It’s human even if the best is not necessarily what will solve all our problems, but it is the human instinct that wants us to change course, “says Charlotte Dipanda.

She would like to see a new face at the Unity Palace. It would be beneficial for the Nation, believes the website “Back then it was with someone, now it’s with Charlotte and tomorrow it will be with someone else. For me, there is no real debate, ’’ the star added.

This is not the first time that Charlotte Dipanda has fired arrows in the direction of Nnom Ngii. On May 22, 2020, as part of the ‘You + Us’ show on Voice of America (Voa), she did not fail to vomit venom. “I think it’s about time we were offered something else. It is time for Cameroon to develop. Because as long as there is no work-study, there is no real development possible. I think the current state has come to the end of what it could offer Cameroon and that, humbly, it would benefit from giving way to new governance, ” she said.

Charlotte Dipanda was born on July 18, 1985 in Yaoundé. Dipanda an artist-musician, singer and songwriter of Cameroonian nationality. The Sawa also handles the guitar with dexterity. She has five albums, the last of which was titled ‘Cd’ was released in February 2021.

Source: Panorama papers

Antoine Bivana


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