Cameroon : President Cabral LIBII can not be against Anglophones


1- Ask the government to neutralize those who killed Florence Ayafor, comfort Ntumasang, buried human being still alive, killed innocent children, killed all the other victims, in order to protect the populations of NOSO

2- Ask the government to release Mancho Bibixit and Ngalim Felix Ask the government to release Mancho Bibixy and Ngalim Felix,who  expressed their willingness to participate in the restoration of peace in the NOSO,in order to continue discussions with them on the corporatist demands of lawyers and teachers

3- Ask the government to give effective content to the special status of the NOSO in order to grant more autonomy to these regions

4- Reiterating each time the historical origin of the Anglophone crisis, which is an autonomous crisis thanks to their 11 years of federalism and self management

5-Mourn all the dead irrespective of their origins. Perpetuating the spirit of oneness. This newspaper title is a means to manipulate public opinion on Hon. Cabral Libii and tanish his image. This is the link to listen to his speech by yourself.

Anne Féconde


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