Cameroon : Press Release of leaders of the All Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions


We, leaders of the All Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions, vehemently condemn the massacre of junior secondary school kids within the precincts of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Fiango-Kumba in the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. The heinous act, atrocious beyond compare and unmatched in it gruesome monstrosity in time and space, spoke volumes about the the spiral that is taking our community inevitably into infernal depths.

Killing defenceless kids just because they went out in quest of education is barbarity unheard of the world over, except in our sad climes, where hopes and dreams rather led us to devastate all our legacies, inherited and constructed. It is violation of rights and liberties unmatched when we recall sustainable development goal No 4 that insists on compulsory education for all. This killing is an act that shames us in the eyes of the whole world.

We categorically assert that such a condemnable act, whether by an individual or by a group/groups, defeats any and every rationale that might be advanced as the raison d’être. We therefore join our voices to all other voices that have been raised in consternation to roundly condemn the atrocity and call for a thorough, relentless manhunt of the perpetrators so that justice be done for these murders most foul and also so that the community’s pain be assuaged.

On behalf of our unions and associations in particular and teachers in general, we reach out to the bereaved families in a show of solicitude – with words that seek to soothe and comfort. Accept our heartfelt condolences. We earnestly pray that the books and pens that remained in pools of blood in those classrooms should be the fertiliser on which education will rather blossom, bloom and thrive.

Done in Bamenda, this 25th the Day of October, in the Year of our Lord 2020.


-Semma Valentine/CATTU

-Lakinyu Gilbert/CEWOTU

-Ayeah Emmanuel/BATTUC

-Afu Stephens/PEATTU

-Tameh Valentine/TAC


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