Cameroon – Public Health: Paul Biya orders an investigation into the Covid-19 Funds


The Minister of State Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic has just instructed the Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze to release 32,500,000 FCFA for the benefit of the Higher State Control, which will conduct the Audit.

The correspondence of Sg / Pr Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh dated December 15 and which is found on social networks is already inspiring controversy within the public: “I have the honor to ask you to kindly unblock and put at the disposal of the Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Superior State control an endowment of … “The controversy arises from the fact that the formula” On Very High Instruction of the Head of State “has disappeared, for a correspondence intended for a member of the government who should have as his only interlocutor with the Head of State – that the Sg / Pr represents – the Prime Minister, Head of government.

In any case, this endowment is of the greatest importance because it will be used to cover the costs of the Special Audit Mission of the funds relating to the fight against Covid-19 in Cameroon. The correspondence does speak of Covid-19 and not of Covid-19.

At the Ministry of Public Health, of which Manaouda Malachie is the Boss, we should start to tremble because, when an investigation called here Audit is announced, what is eel under the rock. Moreover, we have not denounced the unorthodox use of said funds with public contracts awarded to the supply of kits and other materials to fight the pandemic in Cameroon. 32 and a half million FCFA to carry out the investigation, the Consupe will not need to pay for the fuel because the two ministries – Consupe and Minsanté – are only 200 meters apart. The main thing is the results of the investigation. In fact, all the latest investigations ordered by the Head of State are producing results, like the investigation into the Eséka derailment of October 21, 2016.


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