Cameroon – Regional Councils: The Great Rout of André Siaka and Louis Yinda


They were not elected to head the first regional councils as some forecasts predicted.

A “pan-African” newspaper had sold the images of certain power barons by announcing them at the head of their various regions, following the elections held on December 6. In the western region, André Siaka was announced, former director general of the Société anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun and former president of the Cameroonian employers’ group (Gicam). In the end, it is not even its competitor in the “polls”, but Jules Hilaire Foka Foka, former mayor of Bafoussam 1er …

And yet, he had been presented as a protégé of Jean Nkueté, the secretary general of the RDPC, but above all Édouard Akame Mfoumou, former Minister of the Economy and Finance (from 1996 to 2001) and close to the head of the State, Paul Biya.

In the Littoral, a heavyweight in the Cameroonian economy was also announced, Louis Yinda, former CEO of Sosucam and political baron of Pouma, in the department of Sanaga Maritime. In the end, it was Polycarpe Paul Banlog, who came out of the hat, invested by the Democratic People’s Rally Cameroon (Rdpc), the party of Paul Biya in power.

In the Center, no big surprise. Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Treasurer General of the Rdpc and former – last – Government delegate to the Yaoundé Urban Community did not have a competitor as the opinion specialist in forecasts had thought. Which opinion had seen in former governor Luc Marcellin Ndjaga a potential competitor for the post of president of the Regional Council of the Center.

South ball

We could have said: “bullet in the center” in the South. Because there, it is a former captain of the Cameroonian men’s national football team who will preside over the destinies of this part of Cameroon. Emmanuel Mvé Elemva – 75 years old – was elected on behalf of the Rdpc, which controls, it should be remembered, 9 of the 10 regions of Cameroon after the regional ones of December 6. For history, When Emmanuel Mvé Elemva is captain, the national team does not yet bear the name of Indomitable Lions. It was on October 30, 1972, after the debacle of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), that Cameroon welcomed – Douala Stade de la Reunification and Yaoundé Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo – that the Minister of Youth and Sports at the time, Félix Tonye Mbock and his team will find this name for the national team as part of a total reform of Cameroonian sport.

The North-West region will be chaired by Fru Angwafor III and that of the South-West Bakoma Zachiatus Elongo while the Undp, ​​party of Bello Boubou Maîgari will chair the Adamaoua Council through Mohamadou Dewa.


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