Cameroon – Speech of December 31, 2020: Paul Biya’s key words to Cameroonians


By Bertin Metsengue

Cameroon: What “independence” was Biya talking about on 12/31/2018?

72 hours from the traditional end-of-year speech of the Cameroonian president and in view of the particular events that have structured Cameroon recently, many informed observers are trying to understand certain expressions rich in lessons from Paul Biya in his multiple addresses in the nation. The case of the speech of 12/31/2018.

History Will Remember!

Paul Biya is expected again at the end of the year to provide Cameroonians with an update on the conduct of business in his country, Cameroon. If every Cameroonian looks forward to this unique moment of the year, many seek to make the link between the historic events of this year and the end of year speech 2018. Indeed, this speech was delivered while Paul Biya was coming. to launch its 3rd term. Which he called “the great opportunities.” In light of everything that is happening in this country: end of the Fcfa agreements and special agreements, threats to the borders, exploitation of the underground and oil of Bakassi and other renationalization of the Autonomous Port of Douala, the establishment regions and many other areas. The above leads us to make connections with the introductory remarks of Lhomme providentiel at the end of 2018.

Extract from Paul Biya’s 2018 end-of-year speech

“Cameroonians, Cameroonians, My dear compatriots,

The seven-year term which has just started should be decisive for our country. It might even be one of the most important moments in our history since our independence. ”

Paul Biya on 12/31/2018

In the light of this, it is easy to understand that Paul Biya is aware of the great stakes conferred by the opportunity to end certain cumbersome agreements that once marked the development of the country he has led for 38 years. Two years later, the renewal of the confidence placed by his people in his illustrious personality, we note radical changes which are beginning to redraw the country’s new international relations. But also its economic orientation for the next 5 years. If Paul Biya says that his country will be emerging in 2035, it is because he has given himself the means to. Pending the speech of 12/31/2020 at 8 p.m. at the CRTV while asking the actors who rush into social networks to distract people from giving up their circus at this time out of respect for the Cameroonian people. Only one thing remains to be given: full support!


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