Cameroon : StarTimes empowers Africa with releasing anti-pandemic knowledge videos


Recently, most people tend to stay at home for keep a safe environment.

Actually, in ad­dition to that, there still are points need to be get for anti-pandemic protection. Considering the situation that being relatively isolated to the outside is a common status of local folks, StarTimes decided to release a series of anti-pandemic knowledge videos totaling 30 cur­rently rotating around 300 times on Channel ST Guide and 22 self operated channels in­cluding ST Novela E, ST Novela F, ST Novela P for their convenience to learn at home.

The 30 short videos in 6 languages (English, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Hausa and Chi­nese) are produced by African staff of StarTimes currently working away from their home­towns. They played in the specific scenes to illustrate the right behaviours against possible infection. Follow the guidance and experience from international professional organizations such as the WHO, StarTimes would like to raise public awareness about the virus and to communicate the effective basic advices.

“Although we are overseas now, we are always concerned about our family, our compatriots and our motherland. Therefore, to help our people through the TV to better understand the COVID-19 virus and to optimize self protection, we have recorded, produced and broadcast the themed videos.” Said Brice from Burundi, one of the main actors played in the videos.

Apart from the DVB broadcasting, these videos are also available on the APP StarTimes ON, official Facebook page and Youtube account of StarTimes for a better exposure to au­diences on diverse platforms.

As soon as the outbreak started, rumours have been spreading, fake news has been cir­culating on social media and people have been acting irrationally. Fear and ignorance are the main dangers for the communities. As a leading media group based in Africa, it is Star­Times’ role to disseminate accurate and scientific information to fulfill the social require­ment. Alongside with the programme StarTimes Daily —— COVID-19 Report providing viewers with update and data about the pandemic in Africa and in the world every weekday, the series of videos further support African people with scientific knowledge to protect themselves.*end*

StarTimes is the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving 13 million DVB subscribers and 20 million OTT users with a signal covering the whole continent and a massive distri­bution network of 170+ brand halls and 30,000+ distributors in 37 countries. StarTimes owns a featured content platform, with 600 authorized channels consisting of news, movies, series, sports, entertainment, children’s programs, etc. The company’s vision is “To ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of dig­ital TV”.


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