Cameroon : Student confinement, Campus Without Purpose in Yaounde


With March 17 marking the halt of lectures in all institutions of the national territory, school yards and lecture halls have been a grave yard. Most students have left their hostels for family houses.

By L’Etudiant

Unlike the normal scenario with schools shutting down for holiday purposes, the arrival of Coronavirus in Cameroon on March 6th 2020 has created a scene of unusual silence and abandonment in all school premises. No more entry and exits of welldressed students and documented lecturers. No more ambiance in classes, no more fun and life on campus. It is now a cold environment without tossing of hair and friendly embraces. Strolling around professional institutions, an uncommon stillness is observed and the echo of one’s voice can be heard. Vendors are also absent; they who lived on the daily purchase of students only have their neighbourhood to return to.

Rules followed

In the University of Yaounde 2, Rector Adolphe Minkoa She and his crew respected the laws of the government 11 days after the official detection of the first cases of Covid-19 was announced. No student is seen on campus for education purposes except for some administration members

who come to fulfill some academic duties. At the Higher Teachers Training College (HTTC) in Yaounde, students cannot access the school. They have been asked to leave their hostels for their family houses since the official communique, so as to respect social distancing. A young teacher in the department of Geography says she has not been able to get to school because of the strict measures put in place by the director.

“The last day I think I went to school was during the handover ceremony whereby Mballa Ze Barnabé, former Director, handed over full post duty to Mrs Beta Annie Sylvie épse Wakata before his retirement”.

Perspectives viewed

At Siantou and other universities, same measures are taken and much is expected from this year, as few lecturers hope for a change of situation for an effective back to school to end the year’s curriculum. Many school campuses miss their students, their raison d’être, without which they can’t boast of existence and utility. Nearby inhabitants and vendors hope  on government for more understanding decisions for a return to normal conditionsl


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