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Eric Martial Damedeu explains the service he provided to Christian Penda Ekoka and accuses him of trickery.

By Cameroonweb

Everything drives Christian Penda Ekoka into the scandal of embezzlement of the funds of the “Survie Cameroun” initiative launched as part of the fight against covid-19. After Maurice Kamto and some of his activists, it is around a certain Eric Martial Damedeu to accuse Paul Biya’s advisor of trickery.

Cited by a public website as having personally applied for the SCSI audit call for tenders, Eric Martial Damedeu says he did so only on behalf of the company he runs. He maintains that “the document which is published on the website does not fall within my method of participating in a call for tenders of service but a simple abuse”.

He expressed his anger in an open letter, addressed to Christian Penda Ekoka, which we offer you in full below:

Hello. I was amazed to see that my name Eric Martial Damedeu is mentioned on a public website as having personally applied to the SCSI audit tender. I would like to say at the outset here that I never apply for a call for tenders with my name but always through the company that I manage and this under a presentation worthy of my company.

The place of this quote on my modest person is here: In the AUDIT menu, at the preselection level. Before shedding light on what I find unacceptable about myself and which is pure imagination, I will put things in context:

I had been contacted by phone call on October 21, 2020 at 4:25 p.m. EST, 10:25 a.m. Cameroon time by the Chairman of the SCSI Management Committee Mr. Christian Penda Ekoka. Call I couldn’t take because I was away. But I had already been informed by a relative that he should call me. We had never met before but an acquaintance very close to me had let me know that he had told her while she was chatting with Mr. Christian Penda Ekoka that I could help him understand his need.

The next day, October 22, 2020, we exchanged and he presented to me his need to have my expertise to help him improve the terms of reference of the SCSI audit that he planned to carry out to close the activities of the initiative.

After that he put me in context by explaining that this was done with the initiator of the project that we all know. Only this sentence said at the start of our conversation comforted me to listen to him better, although his approach to wanting to do a security audit of the SCSI platform did not correspond to my personal opinion insofar as the project as a whole was for me an unprecedented success.

He informed me that there were suspicions of distractions hanging over the fundraising campaign. I let it be known that the hypothesis was not correct and that if it was necessary to do an audit to see clearly as he proposes, it would be wise to make it neutral at the start without indexing anyone or anything whether it be. With the same aim of supporting him in his approach according to the rules of the art I again asked him if he was in agreement with the initiator of the project because it would be difficult to trigger things which from the start index people but whose substantiated evidence has not yet been established.

Having thus presented to me his wish to do an audit to see clearly on the famous display gauge of the SCSI collection site, I let him know that I will wait for him to present me the terms of reference he was telling me about. and wanted me to explain it to him in a preliminary text.

What he did by sending me a pdf document with almost already a specific framing of the mission. To enrich his TOR and his correct understanding, I produced the document that is presented today on this site as my pre-selection file. It has never been the case with a preselection in my own mind. I sent him a private document, not a corporate one, to bid on some sort of prequalification. It should be noted that the day I sent him this document for his help, he never contacted me again until today. I am appalled that this appears to be an item to leverage and damage my reputation. Unless I don’t understand much.

So it was thus necessary to help him in understanding his need which was already dictated by the TDR that I see and so I never changed the quintessence nor the comma. It was in this context that he let me know that he had to contact a firm to do so and not that I had to be shortlisted in person. I find the approach really disrespectful of myself.

And if I applied for the preselection thus, why did the chairman of the management committee not direct me to the appropriate and official channels for such a project? I have never received a request to send it officially to the screening committee. I never communicated with him through an official SCSI email channel but through his home address. I wonder where a help document I sent him in a so-called pre-selection of firms came from. Why is it not my office which endorses the document that I sent it. In the country where I am, I have the right to say that this amounts to pure abuse for purposes of which I do not know the purpose.

And if there was a screening step why was I so ignorant to the point of submitting such a document on my own behalf.

I ask that the authors remove this document from the site as soon as possible because it in no way denotes my company’s prequalification file but a free and private private support given to a person that I considered to be helping in a noble task. . The proof I never called him again, neither after this document nor even during the time I saw the chosen ACDB firm.

For me, I defend an ethic and I will always defend it, the audit should not be head-to-head but to provide recommendations and improve shortcomings in a project, a company and any other organization.

In conclusion, the document which is published on the website does not fall under my method of participating in a call for tenders but a simple abuse. I sent this personally and on my own behalf to help him in what I thought was honorable for him to lead such a project but not to say that I was applying for the preselection mentioned on the site.


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