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“I prefer to date a man who has already reached my level of maturity.” The only daughter of Paul and Chantal Biya, has just published on her Facebook page, a little text on her preference for men.

Long before the drama on the Falaise de Dschang accident took the Cameroonian web, Brenda Biya, the daughter of the force of the experience very present on social networks made a small message where, she speaks of her preference in matters of man choice. For her, we need men who have a certain maturity.

“It’s proven that women mature faster than men. I prefer to date a man who has already reached my maturity level. I’m not the type to ever hope to make you grow up. This is your mom’s job, “posted Brenda Biya on her Facebook page this Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Since its publication, everyone has had their own comments.

“It’s because you don’t love this man, if you really love him you will. In addition to being called my baby by your man when you are no longer a baby, but you also call your man my baby when he is no longer a baby, all this is not from your respective moms, but you do it ”, writes in commentary, Kandet Tchotcho Bangoura, an Net surfer fan of the page of the daughter of the president.

“Except when the matures approach you you snub them. When I do an analysis of the Bantu I realize that you are immature, it is the sardine bread that makes you gain weight and with your body you say you’re tall while your reasoning makes more than one laugh “piss” », Underlines Ivan the Avatar, another fan of his page.

Source: Cameroon News


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