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Energy Pool Cameroon (Epc) was created a few years ago with a view to providing an effective solution to Cameroon’s energy problems through the establishment in Douala of a 20 Mw pilot to modulate consumption of electric power. Unfortunately, the project is slow to really take shape because of a pernicious attempt at a hold-up perpetrated by the Cameroonian partner who has been blinded by the lure of easy financial gain. Zoom.

By La Nouvelle

Should Cameroon definitely scare foreign investors because of the greed and the shaky morality of some of its sons? In the seraglio where we are sufficiently informed of the secret negotiations in progress, relating to the dispute between Olivier Baud, French president of Energy Pool Development (Epd) and his Cameroonian partner, René Lim Libog, this nagging question does not stop to tap the spirits. What brings the embarrassment to its height is that, despite the multiple court decisions, the Cameroonian partner and his accomplices even put, with impunity, aesthetics in their determination by going unscrupulous poaching in bank accounts of the company that is the subject of the dispute. With an arithmetic of ripoux.

As paradoxical as it may seem … And for many years, the French of Energy Pool Developpement have been living this real nightmare in Cameroon. Everything started very well on March 29, 2012 when Olivier Baud, who had a good experience of Cameroon, decided to open Energy Pool Cameroon, a subsidiary of his company in our country. For strategic reasons, he places at the head of it, a Cameroonian named René Lim Libog. If we have to stick to generalities, on November 26, 2012, a private agreement was signed between the Cameroonian government and this new company.

This agreement gives rise to the drafting of a market order for the feasibility study of the modulation of consumption in Cameroon and the establishment of a 20 Mw pilot in Douala. this is the market order n ° 0 0 0 6 2 2 / M / M i n -map / Ccpm / Ai / 2013. The total amount of the said contract? 1,858,331,000 FCFA. In the process, other market orders were signed, as well as the protocol with Eneo and the financing agreement with the French Development Agency (Afd).

During 2015, the French put in place all the technical and contractual arrangements to respond to the market…

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