Former president of the Cameroon Bar council Sama Francis is no more


Galia Gwangwa’a aka Carrington,  also passes away in the United States

By Joe Dinga

The former President of the Cameroon Bar Council (BATONNIER), Barrister Sama Francis, is no more. The popular and senior Anglophone advocate, who was a legal adviser  of the SDF, died in the nation’s capital, Yaounde,  in the early hours of Monday, June 8, 2020. Another SDF baobab has fallen, just a couple of weeks after the demise of Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam, also in Yaounde. What a bad year for the SDF!

Meanwhile, Barrister Sama who hailed from Baba Village in Santa Sub-division, and was based in Bamenda,

reportedly died from Coronavirus whose scientific name is COVID -19.  He passed away at Jordan Clinic in Yaounde where another Anglophone elite, Chemuta Banda, kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. Since he reportedly died of Coronavirus, he had to immediately buried in Yaounde.

Worth noting that Barrister Sama was  the nephew of the National Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Ndi, and that both men were very close over the years. It is even alleged that Sama was the one keeping Fru Ndi’s will, just to show how close the two men were. Sama’s death is thus  certainly a devastating blow to the SDF leader who has taken up temporary residence in the United States, and is still to recover from the shocking news of the passing away of his right hand man in the party, Hon Mbah Ndam.

The news of Sama’s death is also certainly to hit Bamenda like a bombshell.  This popular and dynamic Bamenda boy, lived all his professional life in Abakwa. Barrister  Sama  was in fact also one of the few Anglophone lawyers who succeeded to make it big in the profession. He was already planning on taking his retirement, and the house that he and his dear wife, Gladys, put up at Foncha Street Bamenda, that he called their  retirement home, is a real come and see.  Unfortunately, what has happened, has happened.  Well, man plans, but God desposes.

Meanwhile, another shocking news just received is the passing away of Ba Galia Gwangwa’a aka Carrington, in the United States. It would be recalled that Ba Gwangwa’a who hailed from Bali Nyonga in the Northwest Region, was a senior personnel at the head office of  Pecten Cameroon, Douala, in the good old days. He was the first Anglophone to put up a real mansion in Bonamoussadi, Douala, and becane fondly known especially after a profile in the Herald Newspaper, as Carrington. The name of a film author who was living in affluence in a  popular series that CRTV was running.

Ba Gwangwa’a later left Pecten Cameroon, and moved over to the United States, where he settled. Meanwhile  news about his death is still stetchy. May  the souls of Batonnier Sama Francis and Ba Galia Gwangwa’a aka Carrington, rest in peace.


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