Public Health – Manaouda Malachie: Peril in the fight against Covid-19 in Cameroon


During the consultations and consultations relating to the evaluation of the fifth phase of the government response to Covid-19, which began yesterday December 28 and end on December 29, the Minister of Public Health (Minsanté) Malachie Manaouda indicated that the sixth phase of the said response, which should begin in the coming days, is encountering a funding problem.

And for good reason, the partners who supported the response have withdrawn. “There is a reduction (reduction) in resources, because the partners who supported have withdrawn. Consequently, there is a problem of financing the 6th phase”, declared the Minsanté.

It should be noted that exchanges take place with professional orders, parliamentarians and the learned society, the heads of central Minsanté services, the regional public health delegate for the Center, the DGs of the structures and bodies under supervision, as well as the Directors. 2nd category hospitals.

Other problems highlighted, there is the global relaxation with the failure to wear a mask and the dismantling of hand washing points that must be reactivated, because there is an outbreak of the disease in neighboring countries and in the West with the news. strain of Covid-19 that is mutant and more virulent.

How could it be otherwise because a kind of earthquake is announced in this ministerial department. We remember the Scandal related to the management of the donation of rice that the Orca supermarket offered to the government to support the victims of Covid-19. Most recently, a note from the Minister of State Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic instructing the Minister of Finance to release 32,500,000 FCFA to the Higher State Control for an audit of funds intended for Covid-19. In easy French, the Consupe must open an investigation to find out how the funds allocated by the government were managed. I am thinking here of Public Procurement which was handed over to service providers.

Source: A. Atangana


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